aidsThe growing population in African, Asian and Latin American countries was observed to have a serious issue on reproductive health. Most of these are developing countries where most people move to metro and settle for job and business purposes. Hence, the concentration of individuals in cities increased the likelihood of people getting engaged in multiple sexual activities as the thought of the kind of lifestyle they have in the place. This resulted in significant cases on HIV and AIDS that is very evident in the records of hospitals and health care units.

While, the issue on reproductive health was given attention by concerned groups and agencies that aim to ensure the well-being of individuals on this planet. They created intensive research and studies on how to prevent, combat and cure the virus from spreading to the population through awareness and preventive actions. And so the group and agencies created programs that educate people with the cause, effect and fatality HIV and AIDS. This has become an interesting topic and most prepared activity as it is supported by the government through providing reproductive health care units, free consultation, and medications. To date, the programs continue to grow as they conquer the challenges on spreading awareness to humanity.