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Living a healthy lifestyle with HIV

Life with HIV

When it was first discovered a diagnosis of HIV was a certain death sentence.  Without the medication on the market, today HIV would become full-blown AIDS in no time. But extensive research and a better understanding of the virus has produced a various medication that can control HIV and AIDS.

5 Ways to keep healthy when living with HIV

#1 Watch what you eat

1 - Living a healthy lifestyle with HIV
Eating healthy is a must for people with HIV as certain foods are high in various supplements that boost the immune system.Strive for your ideal body weight to best help your body cope with the virus.   Being underweight or overweight puts added pressure on your system.

Think of the types of food you like to eat and try to find healthier alternatives for the ones that are high in carbs, sugar, etc.

Speak to a healthcare professional or dietician to help you create a balanced meal plan that suits your lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

#2 Exercise regularly and under a controlled regime

2 - Living a healthy lifestyle with HIV
A lot of people with HIV tend to lose strength and muscle mass.  Exercise is the best way to build these up and boost bone strength.

Exercise also helps boost a person’s mood, give one more energy, flexibility and help maintain a healthy weight.
A person does not have to partake in a sport or even go to the gym.  One can stay healthy by taking regular walks, scenic hikes, playing the park with your dog or kids.  Even gardening and swimming are great ways to exercise.It is always advisable to check with your healthcare provider before partaking in any sport or exercise.
#3 Taking medication regularly

3 - Living a healthy lifestyle with HIV
Although the current drugs available for HIV cannot cure the virus they can keep it under control and help support a person immune system.

These drugs can keep your viral load under control, if not reduce it and stop it from reproducing.  But to keep the viral load under control and your system strong one has to be vigilant in taking the medication.

#4 Going for regular physical checkups

4 - Living a healthy lifestyle with HIV
A person living with any disease the regular health checkup rule of thumb should be more like a part of their bi-monthly (or required check-up) way of life.Do not mess around with your health if something is affecting you or you are just not feeling right go see your healthcare provider.

#5 Good solid support group

5 - Living a healthy lifestyle with HIV
Surround yourself with a lot of emotional support.  You emotional and mental well being is just as important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Looking after yourself in the here and now when living with any disease is the only way to ensure a better quality of life for the person affected.  But it is also best to look to the future for preventive measures as well.