Recent Activities of International AIDS Survey

news-fb-aids-awareness-ribbonThe International AIDS Survey was created to primarily conduct research and studies on the outgrowing number of cases on HIV and AIDS. The group aims to give effective solution by making use of the gathered data and create comprehensive programs out of it that will solve the reproductive health issue on affected countries. International AIDS Survey is eyeing for the developing and less developed countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America where populations are booming and so of the cases. It is evident in their lifestyle and activities that sexually transmitted diseases are very likely to spread, especially on the concentrated part of the country – Metro in particular.

Meanwhile, this page has been created for you be guided with the recent activities of International AIDS Survey as they come to discover the best way to solve the reproductive health problem through continuous research and study and to educate and spread awareness to people. Articles, updates, and activities will be posted so as to give you recent findings and ideas with the status and progress of their mission.