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The top 5 HIV/AIDS research centers throughout the world

HIV/AIDS research

HIV/AIDS is still one of the top major health issues worldwide with the disease has claimed over forty million lives and over 12 million living with HIV.  Some of the top research centers are dedicated to eradicating the disease.

The top ten HIV/AIDS research institutes worldwide

#1 Calimmune
The institute was founded in 2007 by Dr Irvin Chen of UCLA AIDS Institute and Dr David Baltimore of Caltech.  The institute works on gene therapy as a way forward in the fight to help patients overcome a chronic disease that currently has no known cure.

#2 ViiV Healthcare
Founded by a collaboration of GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer ViiV Healthcare was launched in 2009.  This institutes current priority research is that of HIV in children and the prevention of infected mothers passing the virus onto their unborn child.   ViiV works closely with researchers and clinics in the support, care and treatment of people infected with HIV/AIDS.

#3 DARE – Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise
Are a group of dedicated scientific researcher striving for a cure for HIV.  They research the parts of the virus that the antiretroviral therapy cannot cover.  The institute was championed by one of its founding members, Martin Delany, who was one of the top HIV/AIDS activists.  He was one of the founding members of the movement for HIV research, led the coalition for the fair pricing of HIV/AIDS medication and the need to better educate the world on the disease.

#4 amfAR
Founded in 1985 American Foundation for AIDS Research has done more than its fair share of trying to put an end to the AIDS epidemic around the world.  Having spent more than $300 million on its various programs and research grants this company is truly dedicated to its cause.  One of its top accomplishments being that of the antiretroviral drug to stop the transmission of the virus from mother to child.

#5 GeoVax
Focuses on developing the most innovative human vaccines with its main priority being vaccines to prevent and fight against the infection of HIV. One of their most advanced vaccines which are under development is being designed to act against the “clade B subtype” of the HIV virus.  This is one of the most prevalent types of the virus in the USA.  It has also got the modified Ankara vaccine which is primarily for the “C subtype” of the virus which is the one that is most common in India and South Africa under license.


These companies are at the forefront of trying to eradicate HIV.  Support them by supporting the various HIV/AIDS awareness groups.