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A life-changing diagnosis

Being diagnosed with HIV is a terrifying one, there are many things a person is going to experience upon hearing that.  Whilst the world seems to be spinning out of control there are many helpful resources and groups out there to help you every step of the way.

Resources for people coping and living with HIV

  • Finding a doctor
    • To find medical providers to maintain your medical requirements and needs AAHIVM (American Academy of HIV Medicine) is a great place to start. A person can search the site by speciality and location.
    • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is an organization that is really useful for people learning to live with HIV especially those that have nowhere else to go or anyone to turn to.
  • Locating Support groups and various services
    • National Preventative Information Network from the CDC has a large searchable, by location, a database on various HIV/AIDS support groups and organizations.
    • The POZ and National Minority AIDS Council offers a searchable list of various services in different languages, locations and populations
    • com offers online support with a myriad of active forums, advice and support groups about how to cope and live with HIV.
  • Find the necessary hotlines
    • HRSA has a list of HIV/AIDS hotlines and other useful information by locations
    • CDC Hotline is 1-800-232-4636 (1-800-CDC-INFO)
    • AIDSinfo website has a host of information on it including various hotlines and support groups.


It is always best to surround yourself with the support, guidance and encouragement of loved ones.